Trauma Informed Schools Resource Library Best Buy Pack

Pack of 17 books & resources

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Product Type Best Buy Set
Format Pack of 17 practical resources

A pack of 17 carefully selected books and resources from key authors including Margot Sunderland, Louise Bomber and Karen Treisman, to help you provide attachment-aware and trauma-informed learning and therapeutic envronment to support the young people in your care.

Included in this pack:

• Attachment in the Classroom
• Becoming an Adoption Friendly School
• Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Big Feelings
• Draw on Your Relationships
• Emotion Stones
• Helping Vulnerable Children Stay Safe
• I Monster
• Role Play Cards: Facial Expressions & Body Language
• Role Play Cards: Social Situations for Children
• Role Play Cards: Social Situations for Teenagers
• Teenagers & Attachment
• The Rage for Life
• Therapeutic Treasure Box
• What About Me
• When the World Falls Apart: Working with
Effects of Trauma
• Working with Attachment Difficulties in School-Aged Children
• Working with Attachment Difficulties in Teenagers