A story for children and teenagers who've known hurt and shock

Margot Sunderland & Nicky Armstrong

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Product Type Book
Format 24pp paperback fully colour illustrated

An illustrated therapeutic story for older children and teenagers who are living with traumatic shock.

A boy experiences a traumatic event. It changes everything. He can't stop feeling the pain. He desperately wants his life to be how it was before. He decides the best thing to do is to find a world without people as people hurt him so badly. On his way, he meets a soldier who tells him that the only way to stop the pain is to talk about what happened, to someone he trusts. Ignoring this advice, the boy continues on his way and lives in the peopleless place. But soon he is overwhelmed by a terrible loneliness. The soldier comes back, and the boy tells him the story of his traumatic life event. His story helps other children too, as he is speaking about painful truths from their life stories. He returns to the world of people, living a life no longer haunted by his past.

This therapeutic story, written by the award-winning Margot Sunderland, will form a key addition to any collection of therapeutic resrouces for use in both counselling and education.