What Can I Do With the Kid Who..?

Marie Delaney

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Gain confidence and ideas for dealing with challenging pupils.
All teachers know there will be a challenging pupil in every class, the one who takes up time, energy, patience and good will. A disruptive pupil who. •continually calls out •rubbishes their own work •is too quiet and withdrawn •can't sit still •provokes and distracts others •bullies and abuses teacher and other pupils •can't follow instructions This clear, accessible resource describes how to recognise what these behaviours may really mean and shows, step by step, what you can say and do in response to overcome disruption and refocus on teaching. Also addresses what to do with difficult parents, and how to work with colleagues who seem not to want to try out new ways of thinking. Ideal for teachers, SENCOs, psychologists, and anyone working in education at any level involved in facilitating learning and well-being.