Helping Teenagers with Anger and Low Self-Esteem

Margot Sunderland

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Format 232pp A4 paperback + FREE CDRom
Look beyond angry behaviour and find ways to reach defensive teens
When teens are clearly troubled this book can help. If feelings of rejection, anxiety and low self-esteem overwhelm, they may withdraw or vent their anger through anti-social behaviour. •Full of practical ways to connect with young people •Learn how to initiate and develop conversations •Includes key parenting skills •Experienced contributors offer tried-and-tested interventions •Understand what lies behind aggressive behaviour •Help teens address their feelings so they don't act inappropriately •Learn why youngsters move into anti-social behaviour •Worksheets developed with teens address key feelings and issues •Use the worksheets to connect in a non-confrontational way •Outlines research and brain science about what makes young people offend A vital resource for professionals and parents who seek to help teens who struggle with anger and feelings of alienation.
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