Helping Teenagers Talk About Their Lives Card Set

Margot Sunderland & Nicky Armstrong

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Product Type Card pack
Format 48 cards, guidance notes

An illustrated card set to help prompt discussion about experiences, feelings and concerns with adolescents and teenagers.

Most teenagers never have the opportunity to think deeply about their lives. They never talk to someone who really listens to the pains and joys of their relationships, their hopes and fears, where they get stuck in their lives, what delights and interests them, and what they feel passionate about. As conversation- starters, the cards enable teenagers to talk more freely about what matters to them, bringing more meaning, ease and flow to a dialogue, and helps them to engage in the process of life review. For many teenagers it is a huge relief to reflect on their lives.

The expressive, thought-provoking illustrations convey the most common mental states, emotional experiences (both positive and negative) and concerns of teenagers. These cards can be used to encourage teenagers to take a step back and reflect on their lives, with the help of an emotionally available adult who can offer understanding, empathy and gentle enquiry.

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