Helping Children who are Anxious or Obsessional

Willy & the Wobbly House

Margot Sunderland & Nicky Armstrong

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Product Type Book
Format Storybook: 32pp paperback Workbook: 96pp paperback
An illustrated story and practical workbook to help children who: Are insecure or worry too much; Suffer from phobias or nightmares; Find it difficult to let go and have fun; Have suffered a trauma; Are worryingly good or seem like little adults; Use order and routine as a way of coping with 'messy' feelings; Develop obsessive-compulsive behaviour to ward off their too-powerful feelings. Willy is an anxious boy who experiences the world as a very unsafe, wobbly place where something awful might happen at any time. Joe, the boy next door, is too ordered and tidy to be able to ever really enjoy life. Follow their adventures with the Puddle People who help them break out of their fixed patterns and find richer ways of living in the world.