For Authors


We welcome ideas for books, activities or other resources that are practical, usually with photocopiable handouts, and intended for use by professionals working in the fields of education, special needs, emotional literacy, classroom and behaviour management, literacy, storytelling and drama. These can be for all ages from early years to young adult.

Please contact our Publisher, Sarah Miles, and she will be happy to discuss your idea or manuscript with you. Please email, enclosing a completed New Publishing Submission Form (.doc Version), your CV and sample material. Please do not send a full manuscript in the first instance.


Will my idea be kept confidential?
All publishing submissions are the intellectual property of the author and Hinton House respects this at all times. Any proposals not accepted for publication will be returned to the author.

Do I need a completed manuscript?
We are happy to discuss proposals for publication at any stage, from an initial idea to a completed manuscript.

Can my book have illustrations?
Photocopiable resources can contain black and white illustrations and those published with CD Roms can contain colour artwork for the user to print out when needed. You can supply your own artwork or we can find an illustrator for your book.

When will I hear from you?
All ideas considered for publication are peer reviewed by a professional in your field. This ensures that we maintain our high standards of content and relevance. This process can take a little time. However, you will be kept informed throughout and should receive an answer within four to six weeks.

How soon will my book be published?
We would normally expect to publish your book within 12 to 15 months of receipt of the final approved manuscript. This gives time for the production process and also ensures that we have time to properly market and advertise your book.

Will I be involved in the publishing process?
We work very closely with our authors at all stages of production. You will have support while writing and developing your book and will be involved throughout the editorial and production process.