Decisions ColorCards

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Product Type Card pack
Format Boxed set, 30 A4 cards + CD Rom
30 cards to encourage rational decision making
30 cards to encourage rational decision making
Inspire decision-making with this set of 30 photographic cards featuring unexpected or unwelcome situations. Each presents a problem varying from minor upsets to daily routine, e.g. missing a bus, to major predicaments with elements of danger e.g., finding a pan on fire in the kitchen. Some situations will be familiar and others will present new challenges. Thinking through these situations will help to: •Make responsible choices. •Develop independent thought. •Realise that some problems are practical and some include an element of social behaviour. •Know when there is danger or potential danger. •Choose whether to ask for help, or take the initiative and walk away. •Find a balance between acting quickly and considering all options. •Recognise the consequences of intervening and think about what might happen next. The set is designed to encourage logical thinking, use of reasoning skills and making prompt and rational decisions. Includes a FREE CD-Rom containing all of the images.