Word Finding Vocabulary Test

Revised Edition

Catherine Renfrew

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Product Type Resource Pack
Format Boxed set, 50 line-drawn picture cards, Photocopiable scoring form, manual

The extent to which pictures, objects, arranged in order of difficulty, can be named correctly is assessed using this test. Most of the objects illustrated have no alternative name, so the responses of children can be quickly measured. Completely revised, this new edition contains 50 line-drawn pictures, a manual and a photocopiable scoring form. Catherine Renfrew's three tests have been used for many years and provide a means of asessing children's speech and language. All tests are suitable for use with 3-8 year olds are norm refered to enable therapists to produce comparative results. Norms are given at six-monthly intervals for both the Action Picture Test and Word Finding Vocabulary and monthly for the Bus Story Test.