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Ian Long & Pip Wilson

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Contains 3 engaging Blobs books: The Big Book of Blob Trees, Blob School & The Blobs Training Manual

Contains 3 engaging Blobs books: The Big Book of Blob Trees, Blob School & The Blobs Training Manual


The Big Book of Blob Trees: Explore feelings and emotions through 50 different Blob Trees!

This unique collection of Blob trees with all of the different Blob characters is an engaging way of opening discussions about feelings and developing an understanding of emotions, empathy and self-awareness.
The trees show various scenarios that can prompt both direct and indirect discussions about the emotions and feelings of characters depicted. These can be personalised, using questions such as ‘Which Blob do you feel like?’, ‘Which Blob confuses you?’ or used in a less personal way through questions such as ‘Which Blob is happy?’, ‘What do you think made that Blob sad?’
The Blob School: Fun emotional literacy activities that cover key areas of school life.
This Blob resource is designed specifically for teachers. The activities cover the key areas of school life, including a wide range of contexts and issues which occur throughout the school year.
Includes nearly 50 photocopiable worksheet activities, with additional colour worksheets available on the free CDRom.
Ideal for use in whole class sessions using the White Board or on a one-to-one basis.

The Blobs Training Manual: Blob Trees and Blob Characters can be used in many ways and environments. Getting the best from your resources will be easier with this inspiring book to hand.

From a detailed look at how to approach using the Blob Tree to thought-provoking discussion about relationships, this book will enable you to make the most of your group sessions.

Contents include:

• Introducing the Blobs

• Blob Retention - Ways of Learning

• Ideas for group sessions

• New Blob scenarios

• New individual Blobs

• An A-Z of emotions & feelings

• Free CD Rom containing all new worksheets

Ideal for anyone using the Blob resources, whether new or familiar users, this manual provides background information and additional ideas for this engaging series.

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