Hinton House - Anger Management Resource Pack Ages 10-16

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Anger Management Resource Pack Ages 10-16

Anger Management Resource Pack Ages 10-16

Help adolescents and teenagers to explore and understand their anger and anger triggers using these carefully selected books and practical resources.

The Pack contains:

Starving the Anger Gremlin for Young People Aged 10+ A CBT Workbook View Details
The Anger Management Toolkit: Understanding & Transforming Anger in Children & Adolescents View Details
Helping Teenagers with Anger & Low Self-Esteem View Details
Anger Blob Cards: illustrated cards to prompt discussion View Details
How's My World? Feelings & Emotions Cards View Details

Pack of 5 Items - £112.99 + VAT
Product Code: BBAM10

Categories : Best Buys : Emotional Literacy : Anger & Stress Management : Feelings & Emotions

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