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Colour Away Your Worries: a calming colouring & drawing book
New for 2019
Ages 5-16
Colour Away Your Worries: a calming colouring & drawing book
Dr Leslie Ironside & Haia Ironside

Help young people to reduce stress levels and relax through colouring, doodling & drawing.

Everybody has worries and fears, and if we don't talk about them we can sometimes feel alone and our worries can grow and get bigger.

These charming images and guided activities, narrated by a friendly Worry Worm, will open up new areas for discussion in a fun format and enable young people to talk about their worries and fears.

The activities explore common sources of worries, the different feelings children have when they are worried and how to distinguish between things that it is OK to worry about and those times when our worries can get too big.

Includes a checklist of tips for children on managing worries and guidance for parents and carers.

112pp A4 fully illustrated paperback
ISBN: 978-1-912112-69-2

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Categories : New for 2019 : Creative Art Therapies : Anxiety

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