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A story to help teenagers with anger and low self-esteem
New Revised Edition
Smasher A story to help teenagers with anger and low self-esteem
Margot Sunderland & Nicky Armstrong

An illustrated therapeutic story for adolescents and teens who suffer from anger and low-self-esteem.

With all new Manga-style artwork, this new edition will enable exploration and discussion of the difficult issues around alienation and low self-esteem that angry teenagers may be struggling with.

Simon Asher, known as Smasher, bullies, gets into fights and more. At best he is heading for trouble and, at worst, jail. He is angry because of all the stuff that has happened in his life and doesn't care about what he does or where he ends up. One day, Smasher realises he has some serious choices to make.

This therapeutic story:

  • Can help youngsters struggling with self-esteem, peer pressure and anger.

  • Can be used to improve the emotional health of young people.

  • Is fully illustrated to help engage the reader.

  • Takes into account that troubled teens may have poor reading skills and presents the story as both text and speech bubbles.

88pp fully colour illustrated A5 paperback
ISBN: 978-1-906531-78-2

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