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How’s My World? Feelings & Emotions Cards

All Ages
How’s My World? Feelings & Emotions Cards
Helen Rogerson

A unique way to initiate discussion about thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Explore thoughts and feelings about inner and outer worlds and how these relate to each other. These cards provide a unique way to prompt discussion not just about specific emotions or feelings but can provide a starting point for a deeper discussion about life issues.

The scenarios depicted on the cards reflect both positive and negative situations, some of which may be difficult to approach in other ways.

The appealing characters have no age, gender or race and so will appeal to young people, adolescents and adults alike, and can be used in a variety of ways including story-work, drama and role play. Questions could include:

Which image speaks to you and why?; Which card reflects how you feel about your world?; How might this character be feeling?; What might have happened to this character?; Which card shows how you would like life to be?; How might you get there?

These images will appeal to a broad range of people and help them to talk about and explore important issues in their lives.

40 illustrated cards, guidance notes
ISBN 978-1906531-61-4
£19.99 + VAT

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